Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Warm, Yet Pleasant

Iowa Wildflowers in the Springtime

Hey, all!

Yeah, the sudden transfer of Elder LeFevre was perplexing to both him and me, but it sounds like he's doing well in the Winter Quarters Singles Ward.  Elder Bywater is wonderful; he's quiet, dry-humored, and hard-working.  He's been out for about 15 months and was transferred from Hastings, Nebraska.  We're trying hard to get service opportunities established among the non-for-profit organizations in the area.  I don't need anything right now, I'm feeling alright, and Iowa spring is warm yet pleasant.  It's wonderful to hear the news from back home and see pics; it sounds like everyone is doing well and everyone looks great.  Naomi has a birthday card coming her (actually, your) way soon; please forward it to her.  We, the Glenwood missionaries, gave talks and bore our testimonies on the importance of missionary work this past Sunday.  I really appreciate Dad's email and I thank him for those words of wisdom.  Unfortunately, our investigator dropped us; he's living in a toxic environment and his enthusiasm for learning more about the Gospel is waning.  All we can do is pray at this point.  Thankfully, we've found some potential investigators and are trying to make contact with some young single adult less-actives.  I texted the Formhals about the Mothers' Day call and I'm still waiting on a response. 

I appreciate your words of wisdom, kindness, and love.  I look forward to this every week.  I love you all and I hope you have a terrific week and I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers.  I extend mine in return.


Elder McMurray

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