Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hey, all!

A wonderful Christmas week has come and gone and we're looking forward to what the New Year has in store.  Our investigator Kaylee and recent convert Judy Austin are deeply enthusiastic about the Gospel and have been commended by ward members for their zeal and participation.  We hope that they continue to stay strong. 

We're grateful for the New Year coming up, and here is the pic that's long overdue:

(Left to right): Elder Smith, me, Judy Austin, and Elder Royal after her baptism

Love to all y'all and a wonderful New Year,
Elder McMurray

Monday, December 22, 2014

Baptismal Day

Stained glass "quilt" at Winter Quarters Temple

Hey, all!

I deeply apologize for not uploading any photos.  I didn't bring my camera!  Stupid me!  Don't worry, they'll be coming next week.

It's good to hear that things are well down south.  What a great week!  Christmas Zone Conference was incredible and the singing went absolutely immaculately.  I am happy to announce that Judy Austin was baptized and confirmed this weekend!  Elder Royal and his companion Elder Johnson were able to come down from Trendwood in Lincoln to attend the baptism.  Elder Royal performed it and he did an exquisite job.  I did the confirmation and it was wonderful as was the Christmas singing program in Sacrament meeting. 

We're looking forward to Skyping this Thursday.  I thank you so much for the wonderful gift box.  Everything was (the edible stuff) and is (the non-edible stuff) terrific.

Merry Christmas to y'all, and to y'all a good week!

Elder McMurray 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfers and an Upcoming Baptism

Hey, y'all!

It's good to hear that things are going well and that the new convert trip to the Houston Temple went well.

I had a good past week and so far, this week has been good as well, although some changes have happened.  After 7 1/2 months in Eagle Run, Elder Royal finally got transferred.  He's in Lincoln with an Elder Johnson, who was actually the MTC companion of my former companion,  Elder Bywater.  I don't know Elder Johnson at all, but I've heard good things so I think that Elder Royal will have fun. 

My new companion is Elder Smith.  He came down from Sioux City and he only has this transfer left and then he's done.  He's a good worker and an amazing pianist.  He was a music major at BYU and he's already been a boon to the Ward. 

Our Christmas program was yesterday and it went really well.  One of the members of the choir sang an acapella rendition of, "O Holy Night" and it was great.  People actually started applauding in the chapel and Bishop got up at the end and lovingly reminded us of the importance of maintaining reverence in meetings.  We're singing again next Sunday so we're excited. 

Our investigator Judy Austin is set for baptism this coming Saturday!  We also set her tenant Kaylee and are planning on teaching a few more people this week. 

I love you all and I'm grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers.  We'll talk at cha next week!

Elder McMurray