Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

Hey, Mom!

It was wonderful to see you and hear from you as well; I'm striving to stay focused on the work and our goals are realistic but we're also striving to push ourselves, as Preach My Gospel states.  I already sent Marc the thank-you note and your Mother's Day package is on the way as are some pics & a video. (The video never arrived -- it turned out to be too big a file to send.)


Elder McMurray

Hey, Dad.

It was great to see you and hear from you as well.  I already heard about Grandma M's new orange Subaru...

Thanks for sharing your story about the rainstorm and the baseball game.  Enjoying the moment can be hard, but it's definitely worth it.  We're hoping for a busy week; we're trying to be realistic, but also push ourselves as, "Preach My Gospel" says.

Elder LeFevre and Elder McMurray, Glenwood, Iowa, May 2014

 (sorry about the bad lighting in the photo of my companion and me; I'll try to get a better one in the future)

Our District "mourning" the "deaths" of Elder Van Wagoner & Elder Daines (our District Leader)


Elder McMurray

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