Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Moments

Downtown Pipestone, Minnesota

Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers, they are truly a boon to our work. We cover two branches; one in Pipestone, Minnesota and the other in Marshall. We switch off Sunday meetings every other week, so one week we're in Pipestone, the next week we're in Marshall, etc. Our home base is in Marshall. It's a really cute little town, about 13,000 people, it has the main headquarters for Schwans ;) yeah, it's pretty neat. It's also pretty flat, which is fine. There are lot of pretty parks and streams; I need to send some pics. Pipestone's more hilly, a little more rugged, about 6,000 people; it's on the edge of a big wind farm. Definitely picturesque.

Minnesotans give off a decent vibe; I told Elder Howell that they're like American Canadians.

We're working hard to teach five-minute lessons with and asking for referrals from the active members. It's great to find out that many members already have people in mind and we're praying that they exercise courage and confidence in introducing those people to the Gospel. We've quietly agreed that this is helping establish the model of ideal and effective missionary work. 

We're also hoping that the service opportunities we have throughout the week will yield good fruit. We volunteer at a food bank twice a week and quietly spread the word about the Gospel. There are other opportunities that we're going to try soon, and I'm excited to see what happens.

We had a great lesson with a long-time investigator last night. She knows the Church is true and is anxious to get baptized and confirmed but her husband, a firm Lutheran, is adamantly opposed. We felt prompted to tell her to start having Bible study with him, that that would be the thing that softens his heart so that not only she could go through with it but that he might too. The Spirit confirmed to us that that could happen before the end of the year if she exercised faith. She's an absolutely amazing lady and her enthusiasm is contagious. We're praying fervently for her and her family.

I'm grateful that God has and is continuing to guide me and you. We pray for you and your family and wish you and them a wonderful week.


Elder McMurray

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Sunset over the Redwood River

Hey, everyone!

Well, my first full week in Minnesota has come and gone.  It was kind of a grueling week as we've been combing through the directories and getting to know the people we're teaching, but the rewards have been wonderful.  We've had some very spiritually powerful lessons and we're hopeful that people will hold fast to that and take their conversions to the next level.

We're looking forward to a good week and we wish you the same.  We're grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers in our behalves and we extend ours in return.

Elder McMurray

Goodbye, Columbus...Hello, Marshall!

Me and Elder Howell, getting to know Marshall, Minnesota

Hey, everyone!

Well, I bade farewell to Columbus and am now on the northeastern fringe of the mission: Marshall, Minnesota.  I'm with Elder Howell; I've served around him before and so far things have been good.  Elder Howell was actually my trainer's final companion.  He was also companions with Elder Salazar.

We spent most of the weekend watching Conference, which was wonderful. President Monson truly has worn and is wearing out his life in the service of God.  

We're looking forward to a good and happy week working with the people here.  We wish everyone a wonderful week in return.

Elder McMurray