Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Hey, y'all!

Hope that y'all had a great past week and a Happy Memorial Day.  And I hope everyon in Houston isn't deluged!

We're looking forward to a rebuilding period this week. We're grateful for the tender mercies that we've seen: some new investigators and a baptism and confirmation for the district was wonderful this past week. 

We're working to get one of our investigators back to progressing status. Teaching him has helped me learn the importance of being more personal in my teaching style and in the freedom that comes through absolute, all-encompassing truth. We sent him a text talking about his hang-ups and after not meeting with us for a little over a week, we visited him last night. We reminded him that although there are people in the Church who can be prideful and who try to hurt others, sometimes we can behave the exact same way.  I've struggled with these feelings myself for a very long time, so I can relate, but the Spirit constantly reminds me of the universal sin of pride and how one of the aspects of my calling is to remind people of that. It was a successful teaching moment for all of us. He's still got a way to go but we're hopeful. 

Hope that y'all have a great week.

Elder McMurray

Monday, May 18, 2015

Not Tornado Alley, but Tornado Alley Adjacent

Me, this morning

Hey, everyone!

Despite the crazy weather that has occurred around Columbus, we've been spared the brunt of it.  Still, when you're going from an 80-degree day like yesterday to a 50-degree day like today, it raises more than a few eyebrows and shivers more than a few nerves.

This past week was very good; we had an especially great Sunday combing through the records of the branch and seeking out those who are in need.  We had a great visit with a woman yesterday who, although a staunch Catholic, had family members who are members of the Church who moved out of the branch a while ago.  She hasn't had visitors in a while and was on friendly terms with the missionaries in the past.  We had a wonderful visit on her porch and we're looking forward to seeing her again.  Even if she has no interest in converting to the Church, we're still Christians, we find common ground, and we extend our friendship as Christ does and would do.  

We were still able to share a message from the Book of Mormon that enlightened her mind and ours and warmed our hearts.  

We're looking forward to a good week and we wish you the same.  Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers; we extend ours in return.

Elder McMurray  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ladies' Glasses? Ladies' Glasses?

A weird pair of glasses I found in our place in Columbus. They're actually pretty close to my prescription!

Hey, y'all!

A great Mother's Day call and a solid week of missionary work.  I bear my testimony that the truth of the Gospel can impact anyone.  We were especially reminded of that in a few lessons this week.  Amidst the many distractions of life, amidst the many hobbies that, if they're allowed to become distractions, help create considerable delays in our eternal progression, the Light of Christ is still present.  

I wish y'all a great week and I thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers in our behalf.  I extend mine to y'all.  


Elder McMurray

Monday, May 4, 2015

Columbus Insights

Lake North Reservoir, just outside Columbus

Hey, y'all!

Another week in Columbus, some great revelations received both for us and for those we're teaching.  My mission has allowed me to reflect on the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, Junior and this scripture hit me like lightning yesterday:

"Behold, O Lord, thou canst do this.  We know that thou art able to show forth great power, which looks small unto the understanding of men."
-Ether 3:5

More often than not, the Lord does not show His Power in huge, dramatic ways.  He shows it in small ways that often go unnoticed if our spiritual senses are not attuned to Him.  Joseph Smith was a man of barely any worldly education, a man of obscurity, yet it was through him that God restored the Keys that unlock the doors to eternal exaltation, the doors to the Throne that rules over everything.  The small power of personal prayer and study is the only way one can come to this truth.  I bear testimony of that.

I hope that y'all take these simple steps.  I love y'all and have a great week.

Elder McMurray