Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey, all:

Well, after the whirlwind week with Max Manley's baptism, things have been comparatively quiet. We're still working and finding opportunities to serve and teach, but yeah, it's been quiet compared to a couple of weeks ago.  The length of your emails is fine, but could you include some pictures as well, please?

Elder Quayle and I are together for at least one more transfer; I have officially moved past the greenie stage.  There have been quite a few changes to our Zone, however: the biggest change is that Elder Quayle's trainer Elder Chappell (pronounced, "chapel"), who has been a Zone Leader in North Platte, Nebraska for the past nine months, replaced Elder Riley as one of our Zone Leaders.  Elder Quayle is very excited; I haven't met Elder Chappell yet, but he sounds like a cool guy and a good missionary.  We also have a new sister missionary in our ward named Sister Schraeder, who was transferred from the Lincoln, Nebraska Zone; she replaced Sister Palmer, who was transferred to Nebraska City just across the Missouri River.  Sister Schraeder and her companion, Sister Stutler, who came out with me, taught Gospel Principles yesterday.  Sister Schraeder is nice and seems like a hard worker so we're happy about that.

I sang a duet with a sister in our ward named Lisa Formhals in our ward yesterday; Sister Thomas accompanied us.  We sang, "In Quiet Grove" by Janice Kapp Perry; it's about the importance of bearing testimony of the First Vision.  It went really well; our voices really blended.  

That's very sad about the Bassetts, Waites, and Sister Cardwell; I'll remember to pray for them and please send them my regards. (The Bassett's son and Sister Cardwell are both battling cancer; the Waites's son has been hospitalized with pneumonia.)

It's good to hear that the family is doing well; I wish Noah good luck and good studying for the SAT.  

I'm sorry that there are no new pictures this week; I'll be sure to send you some next P-day.

I love you all, I thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers, and I send my thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to you, Alief, and the Richmond Stake.

Elder McMurray

Monday, February 17, 2014


17 February 2014

Elder Quayle and I with our investigator, Max Manley, after his baptism, which was held on February 15th

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to y'all, too!

Well, this past week went by pretty fast and intense but really good.  Our investigator, Max Manley, got set for baptism, he was baptized and confirmed, and we are very happy.  The Lord has really moved upon him to get to this wonderful point in his life and I thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. ....Transfers are Thursday of this week; whatever happens, we'll go forward.  

The weather is being weird again; this weekend saw the highs in the upper 40s and then it snowed a lot last night.  It's in the 30s today but it's expected to warm up back into the 50s this week.  We shall see what happens.

That's pretty crazy about the wintry weather being scattered all over the country, but it looks like you're finally out of it in Houston.  Hopefully Buffalo can endure until warmer weather rolls around.  That's horrible about Jenny's kneecap (Elder Mcmurray's Aunt Jenny slipped on some ice and fractured her kneecap); I'll drop her a line and I'll send a birthday email to Grandma M. ...


I should be fine without the contact lenses for at least awhile; no rush.  I'm sending some pictures your way, so brace yourselves.


Elder McMurray  

A sunny, wintry morning outside of the apartment in Glenwood

My winter boots during a morning of service

Me with elder Cortez, a Visa waiter bound for Curitiba, Brazil today

Me with Elder Searle.  I made up a song about him based on the tune of "Sail", by AWOLNATION: Searle! /He's just under 6'3/ He's Cortez's greenie/He was in the MTC with me/ Searle!

Me with Elder Riley, one of my Zone Leaders.  He's completing his mission this week.  This photo was taken at an all-you-can-eat Asian restaurant in Council Bluffs called Hu-Hot; we went there for lunch after Zone Training last week.  It's terrific!

Max Manley with a really cool recent convert named Ian Yates

The toll bridge from the outskirts of Glenwood, Iowa to Bellevue, Nebraska

Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Muddy Slush, and Miracles

Hey, Dad.

...that's pretty amazing about Sister Horton and Glenwood.  Wow. (Sister Horton, a member of our Stake, is from Iowa.  Her grandfather was an ironworker, and built many Glenwood landmarks, including the wrought iron fence around the town cemetery.)  I'm staying warm even though it's cold; we got quite a bit of snow last week, not nearly nine inches, but still quite a bit.  I LOVE it, although I'm NOT a fan of muddy slush.  Guess what; we have an investigator set for baptism this coming Saturday!  We're very excited.

Elder McMurray 

Hey, Family.

Wow, what a week for all of us; Deb getting strep in both legs, missionary opportunities, subbing, music, and we got through it and we're getting through it. (That should be our family motto.)  Things are going pretty well over here; we have an investigator set for baptism this coming Saturday and we're very excited.  It's gonna be quite a week for preparation, but we're looking forward to it.  Yes, I got the Ensign from Naomi; thank you very much.  I have not gotten the box yet, but it should be coming soon.  I did get a box from the Primary and I thank them so much, it was wonderful to read their cards.... 

Love and love in return,
Elder McMurray

P.S. Here's a scripture I've come across in the past that I really love: 

"...go thy way till the end be, for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot (rise unto your destiny) at the end of the days."   -Daniel 12:13

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Photos!

(These were received as part of the regular Monday email on 3 February.  There were enough of them that we decided to break them up over two posts.)

A Map of Glenwood

Iowa and Nebraska -- note the face on Iowa!

Elder Quayle's study area

My bed (it's pronounced "bad" in these parts)

A message from Clint - left behind by a missionary who lived here before me

Our hallway

Our "Investigators' Resource Center"

Note the preponderance of white shirts

Our ironing supplies, to keep those white shirts crisp

The view from our apartment

Elder Quayle's couch, a gift from the Thomases, a really cool family in the Glenwood Ward; Sister Thomas was my accompanist when I sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago