Monday, September 22, 2014

The Leaders Keep Getting Younger...

Hey, all!

Fall has definitely arrived.  After a few spells of warmth, the weather is comfy, cool, and gorgeous, and the leaves are slowly but surely starting to change colors.  

Transfers went pretty much as expected; Elder Royal and I are together in Eagle Run for at least one more, we have a new Zone Leader serving with Elder Willden (the new ZL's name is Elder Harris; haven't met him yet, but soon), some wards in the Zone were reopened to Elders and they seem to be pretty good.  We (meaning Eagle Run and the Elkhorn Elders, Elders Barrett and Salazar) helped the Senior Couple in charge of housing and cars open up their new apartment so that was pretty fun.  Speaking of Elkhorn, we're no longer in a car share with them.  We're now with the Old Mill Elders (Elders Bailey and Lake.)  They're pretty good; they've given us some sweet hookups with bus passes and stuff like that so it should be cool.  Elder Royal and his former comp were actually in a car share with them two transfers ago, so he knows them fairly well.  I've heard about them and seen them around but that's pretty much it. 

The teaching's going pretty good; some good service opportunities are happening and some lost sheep are coming out of the woodwork.  One of our investigators is now progressing and his understanding of the Book of Mormon is gradually changing for the better.  It's exciting.

It's good to hear that aside from some minor issues, y'all are doing well.  

Oh, before I forget; we had Stake Conference this weekend and the new Stake President is in his mid-30s.  He was called to be a Bishop in his 20s so it's gonna be cool to see how it goes.  Sister Weston spoke and remarked in her angelically cheery way that when President Weston was called to be a Stake President, he went totally gray.  Regarding the new Stake President (President Perks') full head of black hair, it's going to be interesting to see how it holds up.  We shall see.

Grey hair is the least of his worries. My brother-in-law was called to be a Bishop at age 26:

He served six years, then was called into the Stake Presidency.  He's 36.  Here's how he looks today:

Here's how I looked, at the beginning of 10 years in a bishopric, the last six years as Bishop:

 And here's how I looked on the day of my release:


I love y'all and pray for you every day.  I thank you for doing the same for us.  Have a terrific week.


Elder McMurray

Pics are coming soon!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Is In The Air

The above image offers a powerful metaphor for
missionary work: some of the fruit is green and hard; some is
ripening, but still not ready for harvest; some is withered and
far past readiness; and one or two berries are fully ripe and ready for the 
harvest.  Elder McMurray and I have discussed this image in previous

Hey, y'all!

This past week was one of humbling yet rewarding events.  We're working very hard to comb through the less-active list and although it's been kinda tough, we're sticking with it.  The ward's first-year anniversary party was on Friday night and it was a lot of fun.  One of the ward members plays bass guitar in a rock band and they played covers of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bachman Turner Overdrive songs.  We've gotten more focused in our teaching and our returning less-actives skyrocketed, we have a new investigator, and we had a long-time investigator come to Sacrament meeting.  We got on our knees last night and expressed gratitude to Heavenly Father for all that had happened.  I'm glad that people are doing well and I appreciate that blackberry analogy.  It's true, you're constantly reassessing and reevaluating, you're working hard to help those seeds grow. 

BYU played UH this week, Cougar versus Cougar. We were a House Divided.

This week is transfer week; there's a 99 percent chance that Elder Royal and I will stay together in Eagle Run for at least one more.  Go Cougs!  Eat 'em up!  Rise & shout!  What have ye.  Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers and I extend mine in return.  By the way, the weather has been absolutely wonderful this week, almost pitch-perfect.  Fall is definitely arriving.
Autumn in Omaha

Elder McMurray

Monday, September 8, 2014


A sweet ride.  Not mission standard, unfortunately.

Hey, all!

After some challenges, things have been going much smoother.  The Spirit is stronger, our enthusiasm is increasing, and we're on the hunt to find and teach new people.  I've been reminded of the importance of quiet dignity in the face of opposition and reliance on prayer.  It culminated in an interesting experience two days ago:

Saturday afternoon our cell phone decided to go on the fritz.  We fiddled with it, tried to get it to work, and nothing.  We couldn't coordinate rides to our morning meetings because we're in a car share and we didn't have the car for the weekend.  On Sunday morning, as we prayed to find out what to do, the answer came into our minds, "Well, you've got those bikes on the balcony.  Why not use those?"  That's exactly what we did.  We rode to Church on our own and made it with 5-10 minutes to spare.  Sometimes the answers are blatantly obvious, sometimes not, but as we earnestly pray for guidance, the Spirit will testify of the Wisdom of God patiently, quietly, and with love unfeigned.  It was a powerful testimony builder for us and I expressed so from the pulpit that day. 

We're looking forward to a good week of service and teaching.  We have some cool activities lined up and hopefully some good teaching appointments.  I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers and I extend mine in return. 


Elder McMurray