Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Week Without Pictures...

In the absence of photographic records, The Editor has helpfully created an Artistic Rendition of Elder McMurray, laboring in Glenwood, Iowa

Hey, Dad!

Sorry, I don't have long to talk, but I'll talk to you on Mother's Day; be ready for my call at around 6 PM your time!

It's good to hear that everyone's doing well. Sending us Family File Names to take on our Temple trips sounds great, send 'em my way!  Unfortunately, no baptisms yet, some of the less actives are still dodgy, but some of them are doing well and came back to Church.  Thanks for updating my picture.

I had a pretty good exchange this past week with my mission granddad, our other Zone Leader Elder Chappell (he's my granddad 'cause he trained Elder Quayle.)  He's kind of a Mr. Cool type...  Here's his profile:

Sorry; it's kind of a busy P-day; I'll talk to you more come Mothers' Day.

Things are getting better; as long as we keep busy, our spirits aren't bogged down.  I'm sorry again, I don't have pictures to send because I forgot my USB cable for my camera (it's in the apartment), but I DO have pics from this past week, and I'll probably have more this next week.  I'll fill you in on more details in my other email to you.  


Elder McMurray

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