Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Branch on the Prairie

A selfie, taken at District Meeting...

Hey, y'all!

Well, another week in Columbus has come and gone. Things are going good; the area has a lot of potential and the district's doing good. We've gotten settled in and are striving to labor hard in this part of the vineyard.  Creativity in finding and patience for miracles are going to be key to success:  the geographical size of the branch is a challenge, but the members are supportive and are willing to labor with us.  It's been great and we're hoping to continue to build on that.

Have a great week and I love y'all!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Settled in Columbus

Outside of Columbus, Nebraska, April 2015

Hey, y'all!

Well my first full week in Columbus has come and gone.  It's definitely different from Omaha but it was a good week.  The branch is solid and supportive and is showing its drive to do missionary work.  Thanks to the members, we're keeping busy, and as the prophets have continually reminded us, members and missionaries working together is key to building the Kingdom of God.  

The Road to Lincoln, April 2015

Columbus, Nebraska, April 2015

For those of you who have always wondered what an LDS missionary dwelling in Nebraska looks like, feast your eyes on this photo tour of our place in Columbus:

Our Little Shack on the Prairie
Elder Garrett (my companion) in the kitchen

The living room

The Stairs

The Upstairs Bedroom

The Corridor

The Weird Place Under the Stairs

The Kitchen (without Elder Garrett)

Our Storage Area

Our Study Area

We're looking forward to another great week and I thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.  I extend mine in return and I love y'all.

Elder McMurray

Monday, April 13, 2015

Finally, Photos!

Hey, y'all!

Well, the rumors are true: after eight months in Omaha, I've gotten transferred back out to the boonies.  I'm in Columbus, Nebraska with Elder Garrett.  He's from Salt Lake City and he's a good guy.  Although it was a poignant departure from Eagle Run, we're looking forward to working here together!

Sister Bates, the lady who sent the photo last week, is one of what they call the N.O.M Moms; making sure that missionaries, namely Elders, are getting fed, getting taken care of, etc.  We are very grateful for her!.  

Columbus is bigger and flatter than Glenwood, my first area. Glenwood had about 5,000 people and Columbus has about 22,000.  The meetinghouse is right on the edge of a cornfield; it's in a little subdivision.  I actually like Columbus more: it's a nice little town.

My companion is Elder Garrett.  He's from Salt Lake City and has been out about 8 months.  He's served his entire mission in the boonies and he's a good guy.  

I'm actually a district leader now and all of the other missionaries are Spanish-assigned.  We're looking forward to what the future holds and the branch seems really good and supportive.

Love to you all!

And here are some long overdue photos:

The Aftermath of a Nebraska snowstorm

More Nebraska snow

With Elder Badders, January 2015

With Elder Quayle, January 2015

With Elder French, January 2015
With Elder Smith, January 2015
With my district, January 2015

Graffiti in Benson (north Omaha)

The Beercade mural in Benson (north Omaha)
Scenes from Omaha Zoo:

A galvanizing billboard in Omaha
A selfie taken during district meeting.  Hilarity ensued.

A district photo, late January 2015

With Elder Garrett

Elder Stoker and I with a member, Shaun Printers, a.k.a. Superman Bossman of the World

From the birthday party (a cryptic caption, but that's all he wrote)