Monday, June 30, 2014

He's Very Close To Establishing Residency in Iowa

The view from the front of our apartment

Hey, Dad and all!

Wait a minute, did I send you Grandma Calvert's birthday card by mistake?  I'm so sorry.  She probably has your Father's Day card; just swap 'em. (He didn't mix them up; the Father's Day card just got here around 24 June.)

Well, I told President in my weekly email that I would like to stay another transfer and help prepare for the "Get to Know the Mormons" fireside that Bishop is planning for August 23rd.  I know that that's not a part of this transfer and I told President that ultimately I'll go where I'm called, but I would not mind staying another one.  Well, my request was fulfilled and I'm in Glenwood for at least one more transfer with Elder Bywater.  I am happy about and looking forward to it.

Elder Bywater, at his desk

Our teaching visits, especially with less-actives, and the scriptures we share and questions we ask them are increasingly guided by the Spirit.  They are opening up a lot more about their feelings regarding the Church.  Elder Bywater told me once that judging from the experiences that he's had with a lot of less-actives on his mission, he's pretty much being trained to be a psychologist.  Amen to that.  But we're going to keep working with them and hopefully their hearts will change. 

I wish you all my continued thoughts and prayers and I'm grateful for yours in return. 

Elder McMurray

Monday, June 23, 2014

How Iowa Is Like Galveston

Hey, y'all.

We had another good week of service & teaching.  The weather is hot and humid (it actually reminds me of Galveston's weather), but that's okay.  The work has been good and we had quite a few less-actives come to Church.  Transfers are coming up this week.  I'll accept whatever the outcome, but I hope that I get to stay in Glenwood just a little longer.  Bishop's planning a big fireside/ice cream social that'll be held in August and I hope that it goes well.  Mom, I'm glad that you survived Stake Girls' Camp at Camp Bovay and it's cool to hear about the triumph of those sports teams about which Dad told me.  The pics you sent are great.  I promise that there will be some from me next week.  Thanks to both you & Dad for your emails.  Naomi sent me one, too  & it's always great to hear from her.

I love you all and I'll talk at you next week.

Elder McMurray 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Days

Noah McMurray, Grillmaster

Hey all!

We had a great week: more participation from the ward members; I'm feeling more confident; our studies are increasingly effective; and as a result we're having some great teaching opportunities.  

It's looking like a stormy day today, but we're not worried.  I need to get some more pictures; they'll be coming soon.  

I wish Dad a Happy Belated Father's Day. I feel bad for the lateness of my congratulations and I apologize.  A card is coming his way.  

So San Antonio won the NBA Finals, huh?  Our Zone Leaders are going to be disappointed, if they don't already know about it.  Try to have fun at Girls' Camp. Mom: I know that it's a whirlwind, but I also know that you can weather it.  How are the Stanley Cup Finals going? (They're over.  The Kings won.)

The Father's Day dinner pics are awesome, by the way. Noah looks like a boss.  

I will definitely remember Sister Mae Williams (an ailing ward member) in my prayers. 

Elder McMurray