Monday, August 25, 2014


The Eagle Scout

Hey, all!

Alief and those who've inhabited it keep on rolling.  Congratulations to Noah on his Eagle Court of Honor! 

Things are going pretty well here in Eagle Run.  I'm still kind of adjusting and we're trying to increase our teaching pool, but for the most part, we're doing pretty well.  Our Ward Mission Leader actually appraised our hard work in front of everyone at Ward Council yesterday, so that was nice.  We've found a few potentials and we're looking for good service opportunities.  We started choir yesterday and our Ward Mission Leader has a great voice.  He was impressed with mine and we're going to see if we can get some trio stuff going.

Pics are coming soon, don't worry and I appreciate your encouraging words.  Keep moving forward, right?

Well, that's what's been going on for now.  I'll talk at y'all next week.  Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers and I send mine in return.

Elder McMurray 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting Settled in Eagle Run

Hey Mom!

Don't worry; things are well in Eagle Run.  It's actually a pretty socioeconomically diverse ward and the leadership is enthusiastic and helpful.  Elder Royal and I are enjoying it, but it's definitely a change from Glenwood.  I told Noah that both you and he are bosses for doing what you've done with work and that you have been are will be richly blessed.  I appreciate your concern and prayers and I'm grateful for them.  They're definitely helping me as I adjust to a new area.

To answer your questions and comments:

1. New glasses? Yes please!  That would be great!  These glasses are holding up, but it's wonderful to have a spare pair.

2.  Keep calm and carry on!  Speaking of which, those CDs are wonderful!  Thank you so much!

3.  Good luck and Godspeed, Bishop Krouskop!  You too, Bishop Bassett.  Also, how is Taylor doing? 

4.  Gee --  work, Seminary, take a breather people! 

5.  Sweet Caroline, my newest cousin, is beautiful!

6.  Things are going well.  Here's some background information for you:

Just in case you didn't know, missions are organized as follows: you have Zones, which are like Stakes and they're led by two Elders who are called to be Zone Leaders; you have Districts, which are within Zones and they're smaller collections of Areas (Wards and/or Branches) and they're led by an Elder who's called to be a District Leader, and then you have Areas, which are basically Wards and Branches.  So I'm serving in the Eagle Run Area (the Eagle Run Ward), which is in the Omaha West Zone (the Stake is just plain Omaha, but the Zone is Omaha West.)  Previously, I served in the Glenwood Area (the Glenwood Ward), which is in the Council Bluffs Zone (Stake.)  The Omaha West Zone is very different from the Council Bluffs Zone, but I feel like I'm contributing well here and I'm trying to be a good example.  Elder Royal, my companion, is a pretty new missionary.  He's from California, and he loves Tae Kwon Do.   

Every area has its blessings and its challenges. Some areas are tougher than others.  Elder Bywater, my last companion, spent 10.5 months in Hastings, Nebraska, only got two baptisms, barely any team-ups from ward members, and Hastings is five times bigger than Glenwood.  Glenwood was good about feeding us, we got a baptism in Max Manley, and they were good about team-ups.  Sometimes Glenwood was a struggle, but I love it and the active members are super solid.

The Omaha Stake Center

I'll be sending some pics your way soon.  I love you all and I extend my thoughts and prayers in return, especially to Bishop Krouskop.  Good luck and God speed.