Monday, April 28, 2014

DIsappointments, and an African "Hello!"

Elder Pack, Ghana Accra Mission, sends his regards to Elder McMurray, Nebraska Omaha Mission

As does Sister Pack...

 Dear Dad:

Wonderful to hear your account of the news from back home.  Tell Elder Lynn Pack that I say hello in return.

This past week was a struggle....our potentials are dodgy, the investigators that were set for a baptismal date (found in part because of their awesome relationship with Elder Scott when he served here) are dodgy, some of our less actives are flaky and uncommitted, but we've had some good experiences.  One of our recent converts had a pretty bad week and we reminded him of his commitments to the Gospel and gave him a blessing of comfort and counsel.  His countenance changed and we saw him at Church yesterday.  The gentleman that we dropped due to his argumentative nature called us up this past week expressing a desire to come to Church.  We told him that we'd love to see him there and he ended up staying for the first two blocks.  He was quiet, but seemed receptive.  He also gave us copies of the book, "Heaven is For Real", which I'm 99 percent sure we're not allowed to read unless it had the Church's official seal of approval on it.  I'll be sending it home soon.

I'm so sorry, but no pics this week; I will definitely have some next week.  

I love you all, I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers, I send mine in return, and I'm getting those thank-you notes sent.

Elder McMurray

Hey, Mom.

It sounds like everything's going pretty good at home.  Honestly, I don't think that I'm as tender-hearted as everyone thinks; I feel like I'm more closed off and aloof that people give me credit for, but I'm trying.  One of the missionaries here is feeling homesick -- I offered to give him a blessing, and promised him that I'd be here to help him.

I'm getting that tax refund check cashed today and as far as the glasses are concerned, I think that I'm good for now. 

Love and love,
Elder McMurray

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