Sunday, January 26, 2014

Teaching Moments on The Frozen Tundra

Hey, all!

It's good to hear that Naomi made it safe to BYU and that Dad is home safe and sound. (I made it from Provo to my front door in Houston in 24 hours, non-stop.  Solo.  No naps, no caffeine: nothing but adrenaline and a crazy dream.)  Yeah, WingStop can't even hope to compete with Dad's chicken wings. (This is true.  And usually, I make wings for New Year's Eve.  This year, I didn't.  It was a little like Sandy Koufax retiring in his prime -- there were many disappointed fans.)  Congratulations to the Johnson family and a very Happy Belated 12th Birthday to Soph.  All my love to the Nikos, Calverts, and Grandma C. as well.  I loved the pictures that you sent as well....

Icy Horror, Iowa Style

Icy Horror, Houston Style
Yeah, the weather has been extremely cold these past few days.  They canceled school throughout the Glenwood area because it was supposed to be a high of 14 below zero today, so one more day of Christmas vacation for them.  We heard that the entire state of Minnesota was shut down due to similar conditions and that the Governor of the state is declaring a state of emergency or something like that.

Things are going pretty good; I was put in charge of a 30-minute training for last week's District Meeting and I think and hope that it went really well.  I'm getting more confident in my abilities to teach and Elder Quayle and I are getting more eager to trade off of each other in visits.  We're hoping to really garner some momentum now that the holidays are over for now.  We've got some investigators lined up and we're looking forward to working with them.  I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon to one of them and it was a pretty powerful and Spiritually empowering experience.  Sister and President Weston are absolutely wonderful and gave a great Trainer/Trainee Training Meeting on New Year's Eve day that was really uplifting.  I'm grateful for them and their leadership and wisdom.  

I got the stuff for the camera; thank you very much for that.  I'll be sending some pictures your way pretty soon. (So far, no photos.)  But I need to get the addresses for the people to whom I need to send thank-you notes.  Please send me those for next week.  

Until next time, I wish you all the best and God speed.  Thank you all for your prayers; I feel their power constantly.  Have a terrific week, continue to find joy in the Gospel, and I love you all.

Elder McMurray

P.S. I enjoyed hearing about Fast & Testimony Meeting in Alief.  Home Sweet Home.

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