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Christmas in Iowa

23 December 2013 

Hey, all.
It's wonderful to hear about all that's going on back home and the celebrations you've been having; I know that they're not always what we want them to turn out to be, but it's okay. (It was our first Christmas without Sam: there was a little melancholy around the family manse.) 

One of the Beatles is missing (not Dad.  Dad is George Martin)

" No image again!  Either you're a vampire, or there's something wrong with my camera!"

 I look forward to receiving your gifts  Unfortunately, I am not able to take pictures because I can't find the right battery for my camera.  I had so much prepared except for that.  I can't remember the exact model number but I'm hoping that we can talk more when I contact you on Christmas.  I already [emailed] Dad about it. (For the record, new cameras do not come with the battery installed.  The battery is in the box.  The box, in this case, was thrown out at the MTC, The battery is slowly leaching in a landfill, somewhere in Utah County.  A replacement battery, happily, has been secured.)  I'm not sure as to what time, but we will be at a member family's home named the Saufleys.  Brother Saufley is the ward mission leader...

It's Iowa.  There's a guy on a bike.  It's snowing.  Fast forward 83 years, and you've got A Day in the Life of Elder McMurray
The week has been going well, we've made some progress in getting referrals and visits.  It's very cold and it snowed pretty heavily two nights ago, I really enjoyed it.  The Christmas Zone Conference was great.  I almost didn't sing; they forgot my name and a Sister's name until the very end, but sing I did, and it went really well.  President and Sister Weston were very complimentary; he said that I've gotta share it at any opportunity, and I'm looking for opportunities, she was wowed and said it was beautiful.  A few missionaries, both Elders and especially Sisters, complimented me as well, so it was good.
I'll talk to you more on Christmas and I'm looking forward to doing so.
Elder McMurray

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