Monday, June 23, 2014

How Iowa Is Like Galveston

Hey, y'all.

We had another good week of service & teaching.  The weather is hot and humid (it actually reminds me of Galveston's weather), but that's okay.  The work has been good and we had quite a few less-actives come to Church.  Transfers are coming up this week.  I'll accept whatever the outcome, but I hope that I get to stay in Glenwood just a little longer.  Bishop's planning a big fireside/ice cream social that'll be held in August and I hope that it goes well.  Mom, I'm glad that you survived Stake Girls' Camp at Camp Bovay and it's cool to hear about the triumph of those sports teams about which Dad told me.  The pics you sent are great.  I promise that there will be some from me next week.  Thanks to both you & Dad for your emails.  Naomi sent me one, too  & it's always great to hear from her.

I love you all and I'll talk at you next week.

Elder McMurray 

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