Monday, June 30, 2014

He's Very Close To Establishing Residency in Iowa

The view from the front of our apartment

Hey, Dad and all!

Wait a minute, did I send you Grandma Calvert's birthday card by mistake?  I'm so sorry.  She probably has your Father's Day card; just swap 'em. (He didn't mix them up; the Father's Day card just got here around 24 June.)

Well, I told President in my weekly email that I would like to stay another transfer and help prepare for the "Get to Know the Mormons" fireside that Bishop is planning for August 23rd.  I know that that's not a part of this transfer and I told President that ultimately I'll go where I'm called, but I would not mind staying another one.  Well, my request was fulfilled and I'm in Glenwood for at least one more transfer with Elder Bywater.  I am happy about and looking forward to it.

Elder Bywater, at his desk

Our teaching visits, especially with less-actives, and the scriptures we share and questions we ask them are increasingly guided by the Spirit.  They are opening up a lot more about their feelings regarding the Church.  Elder Bywater told me once that judging from the experiences that he's had with a lot of less-actives on his mission, he's pretty much being trained to be a psychologist.  Amen to that.  But we're going to keep working with them and hopefully their hearts will change. 

I wish you all my continued thoughts and prayers and I'm grateful for yours in return. 

Elder McMurray

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