Monday, December 1, 2014

The Week Before Thanksgiving (a belated post)

Last week's entry was delayed by a family trip for Thanksgiving.  While Elder McMurray was working hard in Omaha, his family was in upstate New York, visiting relatives, and touring the Kirtland Temple, and going sledding:

Hey, y'all!

This past week, we witnessed the opposition to our investigator coming to Church.  Her physical ailments have been giving her a lot of problems and we're gonna be fasting for her.  Sorry, no pics this week, but they're coming next week, I promise!  We're looking forward to some great Thanksgiving activities with Bishop and a few other families in the ward.  And Elder Royal's 19th birthday is on Wednesday; he's growing up! 

I love y'all and I send my thoughts and prayers in return and I appreciate yours in our behalf. 


Elder McMurray

P.S. Do you have any family names that need temple work done, just in preparation for upcoming temple trips? Send them my way!

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