Monday, December 8, 2014

The Power of Commitment

We're grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers and efforts to live the Gospel to the fullest.    

I want to give you a segment from the email that I submitted to our Mission President this morning:  

Our past lesson with her has helped solidify my testimony of God's Hand in district commitments and member missionary work. One of the commitments we made a couple of district meetings ago was to center our teaching on the Temple when we teach families. As we finished up a lesson with a member family on the importance of the Temple, one of their tenants walked into the room, her curiosity piqued by the uniquely divine purpose of what we had just taught. After a brief and basic discussion on the Temple, this tenant was earnest to learn more. We'll be teaching her again this week. David O. McKay's inspired words have touched our hearts.

I testify of the Holy Ghost's Divine Role and Power in unifying us as members of the Restored Gospel to better, more effectively, and more comfortably share that with others.  Personal desire leads to refinement which leads to liberation which leads to passion.  That passion allowed Christ to fulfill the Atonement and allows us to be genuine in our efforts to share the Gospel with others.  I love you all and I'm grateful for you as Brethren in the Gospel. 

Thanks, y'all! 


Elder McMurray  

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