Monday, August 4, 2014

The Natural Choice is...Transfers

A Pro-Life sign outside of Glenwood

Hey, all!

We find out who's getting transferred where and with whom on Thursday so you'll find out for sure next week.  I'm about 90 percent sure that I'm leaving Glenwood and it will definitely be a poignant departure.  I know that there are others pastures that I need to help tend, but I will definitely miss this area.  I've definitely learned a lot.  
A cornfield near Glenwood
The Iowa countryside
A soybean field outside of Hastings, Iowa
The district has been cool, Elder Bywater is a great companion, and preparations for the fireside are coming along.  We had an interesting investigator show up for Church yesterday.  We taught him the Restoration and he hastily gave us Jolly Ranchers in the middle of our telling him what Joseph Smith saw in the First Vision.  The exchange with the Clarinda Elders was fun: we taught a few people in an apartment complex as well as one of the quilting store workers. 
My District Elders (from left to right): Elder Bywater, Elder Salazar, Elder Badders, and me
Thanks for filling me in on the news from back home and for the words of wisdom; I'm sorry that Henry and Jacob are hurt and I hope that they get better soon.  So Guardians of the Galaxy was good, huh?  I've seen advertisements for it in passing and it looks interesting.  I'm glad that Naomi is doing well at school, and tear it up senior year, Noah!  That's crazy about the sort of cool weather; Houston is pulling an Iowa!

Our District: We've got the Glenwood Elders (Elder Bywater and me); the Shenandoah (Clarinda) Elders (Elder Salazar and Elder Badders), the Shenandoah Sisters (Sister Simmons in red and Sister Huss in beige), and the Glenwood Sisters (Sister Beers in blue and Sister Schrader in the pink-and-black striped skirt)

I'll let you know what happens next week.  

Meet the Formhalls, a cool family in the Glenwood Ward.  (Top) Ben, the youngest Formhall.  (Middle) Lisa, the family matriarch.  (Bottom from left) Tanner, Mike (the dad), and Justin Formhall

I love you all and I thank you efor your thoughts and prayers and I send mine in return.

Elder McMurray

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