Monday, March 17, 2014

Worn-Out Shoes

Hey, Mom.

No problem about the short email.  We're trying to help our investigator recognize the importance of founding your life on a spiritual rather than an intellectual foundation.  The less active is still holding strong regarding her smoking habit and another less active is chewing Nicotine gum to kick his tobacco-chewing habit.  I won't need short-sleeved white shirts, at least not yet.  My shoes have been getting worn out, but I got a good pair of brown shoes from a thrift store that have held up very well.  My dress pants and the suit jackets are holding up well, but the suit pants need repairs.  Thankfully, I have a sturdy suit that I got at a thrift store.  So far, I don't need my contacts just yet.  

That's good that your week has gone well; I talked to Noah and I saw his video. [Noah has his wisdom teeth extracted.] It's good that he's doing better even though he missed out on a few things.  Hopefully, he finishes up strong, like I said.

Hopefully, Naomi finds a good job soon; sounds like some cool stuff is happening with her.

I did receive the CDs, thank you so much.  We had Ward Conference, too and it went well.  I'm not thinking about Easter music yet, but I'll let you know.  I love you all and I pray for you every day as well.  I'm thankful that you're praying for me as well. 

I love you all,
Elder McMurray

P.S. No pictures this week, but hopefully I'll send you some next week.

P.P.S.: Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Hey, Dad.

Yeah, [I've been out] a little over four months; I've learned the importance of charity and patience for all as well as serenity, especially in trying times.  My testimony has been refined and simplified in order to help others draw closer unto the Lord.  I've been reminded of the potential that everyone has as Sons and Daughters of God despite our follies.  I've felt that my relationship with the Savior has become much more personal as well and I feel that have a clearer understanding of the Atonement.

I thank you for your thoughts and prayers; I pray for you all every day as well and I hope that you can feel their power.

 ...Now that the snow has cleared up, we're trying to find other ways to serve.  We've occasionally helped move people and we're striving to be diligent in teaching both members and non-members. 

I think that we've developed a good rapport with the people here.  We've been able to bear testimony and I think that the Spirit has helped prick their hearts and strive to follow the Commandments of the Lord. 

Thank you for your emails, thoughts, and prayers. 

I love you,
Elder McMurray 

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