Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder and Elderer

Dear Dad:
Post-OP. True Quote: "I'm in a Psychedelic Paradise!"
Thanks for filling me in on the top teams in the NHL.  Hopefully, Noah's wisdom teeth surgery went well...

"Good.  Great! GRAND! WONDERFUL!"

You're going camping?  In the words of Chris Farley in, "Billy Madison": Good, GREAT!  GRAND!  WONDERFUL!  No, seriously, hopefully the best will be made of it.
Yes, it IS a goofy movie.
Speaking of goofy movies, Elder Taylor and his greenie buster (you know, the companion you get after your trainer upon the completion of the 12 Week training program) Elder Demke, my former district leader (now Zone Leader somewhere in Omaha) quoted, "Dumb & Dumber" to each other all the time.  When the new wave of greenies came in this last transfer, one of them said he was from North Carolina and Elders Demke and Taylor (Elder Demke was there to meet some of the greenies and Elder Taylor was helping pick some of them up; they're not companions anymore, but they were both at the transfer point) quoted the line, "California, beauuuuutiful."  I wasn't there, but I thought it was funny; Elder Demke made me laugh often because he was and is just a force of nature and Elder Taylor is absolutely hilarious; "Dumb & Dumber" is one of his all-time favorite movies. 

Anyway, have a terrific week and I love you, Dad.

Hey, Mom.

Yeah, Elder Quayle has been giving me my haircuts and it's actually been kind of warm these past couple of days; it was in the high 60s yesterday and it'll probably be the same today.  Thank you so much for [the supplies I'd requested], I really appreciate it; please go ahead and send them to the apartment.  I hope that Noah's surgery goes well and I hope his finals went well.  Hopefully, Grandma C's is feeling better.  I emailed Naomi and had a great exchange with her; hopefully the job search works out.

Sorry, no pics this week, but hopefully I'll have some for next time. 

I love and pray for you all,
Elder McMurray

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