Monday, February 10, 2014

Of Muddy Slush, and Miracles

Hey, Dad.

...that's pretty amazing about Sister Horton and Glenwood.  Wow. (Sister Horton, a member of our Stake, is from Iowa.  Her grandfather was an ironworker, and built many Glenwood landmarks, including the wrought iron fence around the town cemetery.)  I'm staying warm even though it's cold; we got quite a bit of snow last week, not nearly nine inches, but still quite a bit.  I LOVE it, although I'm NOT a fan of muddy slush.  Guess what; we have an investigator set for baptism this coming Saturday!  We're very excited.

Elder McMurray 

Hey, Family.

Wow, what a week for all of us; Deb getting strep in both legs, missionary opportunities, subbing, music, and we got through it and we're getting through it. (That should be our family motto.)  Things are going pretty well over here; we have an investigator set for baptism this coming Saturday and we're very excited.  It's gonna be quite a week for preparation, but we're looking forward to it.  Yes, I got the Ensign from Naomi; thank you very much.  I have not gotten the box yet, but it should be coming soon.  I did get a box from the Primary and I thank them so much, it was wonderful to read their cards.... 

Love and love in return,
Elder McMurray

P.S. Here's a scripture I've come across in the past that I really love: 

"...go thy way till the end be, for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot (rise unto your destiny) at the end of the days."   -Daniel 12:13

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