Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Photos!

(These were received as part of the regular Monday email on 3 February.  There were enough of them that we decided to break them up over two posts.)

A Map of Glenwood

Iowa and Nebraska -- note the face on Iowa!

Elder Quayle's study area

My bed (it's pronounced "bad" in these parts)

A message from Clint - left behind by a missionary who lived here before me

Our hallway

Our "Investigators' Resource Center"

Note the preponderance of white shirts

Our ironing supplies, to keep those white shirts crisp

The view from our apartment

Elder Quayle's couch, a gift from the Thomases, a really cool family in the Glenwood Ward; Sister Thomas was my accompanist when I sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago

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