Monday, May 4, 2015

Columbus Insights

Lake North Reservoir, just outside Columbus

Hey, y'all!

Another week in Columbus, some great revelations received both for us and for those we're teaching.  My mission has allowed me to reflect on the prophetic calling of Joseph Smith, Junior and this scripture hit me like lightning yesterday:

"Behold, O Lord, thou canst do this.  We know that thou art able to show forth great power, which looks small unto the understanding of men."
-Ether 3:5

More often than not, the Lord does not show His Power in huge, dramatic ways.  He shows it in small ways that often go unnoticed if our spiritual senses are not attuned to Him.  Joseph Smith was a man of barely any worldly education, a man of obscurity, yet it was through him that God restored the Keys that unlock the doors to eternal exaltation, the doors to the Throne that rules over everything.  The small power of personal prayer and study is the only way one can come to this truth.  I bear testimony of that.

I hope that y'all take these simple steps.  I love y'all and have a great week.

Elder McMurray

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