Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Investigators and Reactivations...But No Photos

Hey, Mom!

Thank you for filling me in on the details from back home and I appreciate your words of wisdom and counsel regarding last week.  I apologize for cutting things short last week; we had a borderline fiasco with car shares (don't ask) and we had to cut emails short.  It was quite a good week, though.  Tons of less-actives came back to Church, which is surprising considering we had Stake and General Conferences the past two weeks, and we got two new investigators! 

BYU. Idaho.

Brother and Sister, relaxing on that big, creepy "Y" in Provo

Post-mission plans?  I think I'll look into both BYU and BYUI.  

To answer your question about what age is the best age to serve a mission,  age is more of a number than anything else.  Experience, dedication, and maturity are the key factors in success. 

I hope y'all enjoy your holiday and I love and pray for you all.

P.S.  I apologize, I know I promised pictures, but for some reason, the USB port on the computer that I'm using isn't working.  Hopefully you'll see 'em next week!

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