Monday, October 13, 2014

Indian Summer

Mom, I love you.  You have had a bunch of stuff dumped on your plate, through no fault of you or Dad's and you're handling it beautifully.  I love you and I hope that you remember that God knows the situation and is watching over you.  Yes, I got the music, but our Ward Mission Leader's out of town.  I'll talk to him the next time we meet.  It sounds like a lot of fun activities are coming up for everyone in the family.  I hope that y'all are well enough to go and enjoy.  The weather's actually warm (in the 80s) and sunny but we're supposed to be getting some heavy stuff this week and much cooler temperatures, to which I am most looking forward.  I love and pray for y'all every day and I hope this week goes well. 

I'll definitely keep you in my prayers and that the week turns around for the better.  I'm grateful for the blessings that I've been able to give others and how they've talked about how much they've helped.  It's definitely helped solidify my testimony of the power of the Priesthood. 

I apologize for not sending pics.  I promise that I will send them next week.  This past week was pretty good.  We had some great lessons and the work is progressing.  We're excited for General Conference week and the fact that the new movie, "Meet the Mormons" is coming to town from October 10-17.  We can see it if we bring members and investigators so I'm pretty pumped.

Take care and I love y'all.

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