Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sushi In Omaha?

Hey, all!

It's good to hear that everyone seems to be doing well and is holding strong in the busyness.  Mom, I got the package, thank you much!  The eyeglasses are awesome and thank you for the letter.  As for Labor Day P-days, we actually still had P-day on Labor Day but they're obviously letting us email today.  We went to a store that's actually a little chain in Omaha called the Imaginarium.  It's a thrift/novelty store and it's got TONS of stuff: old books, Star Wars stuff out the wazoo, old video games, knick-knacks, old toys, music (tons of old records), old toy ads from the '80s and back, so it's pretty much the happiest place on Earth outside of a Temple.  No, I'ma kid.  But it was still pretty cool.  And then we had sushi afterwards.  And you know what, I actually kinda liked it.  Hey, Mikey!

We're looking forward to a productive week.  We're combing through less-actives and we've actually had quite a few show up to Church so that's been good. 

I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers and I continue to extend mine in return.  I hope that y'all have a wonderful week and great birthdays!

Elder McMurray

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