Monday, September 8, 2014


A sweet ride.  Not mission standard, unfortunately.

Hey, all!

After some challenges, things have been going much smoother.  The Spirit is stronger, our enthusiasm is increasing, and we're on the hunt to find and teach new people.  I've been reminded of the importance of quiet dignity in the face of opposition and reliance on prayer.  It culminated in an interesting experience two days ago:

Saturday afternoon our cell phone decided to go on the fritz.  We fiddled with it, tried to get it to work, and nothing.  We couldn't coordinate rides to our morning meetings because we're in a car share and we didn't have the car for the weekend.  On Sunday morning, as we prayed to find out what to do, the answer came into our minds, "Well, you've got those bikes on the balcony.  Why not use those?"  That's exactly what we did.  We rode to Church on our own and made it with 5-10 minutes to spare.  Sometimes the answers are blatantly obvious, sometimes not, but as we earnestly pray for guidance, the Spirit will testify of the Wisdom of God patiently, quietly, and with love unfeigned.  It was a powerful testimony builder for us and I expressed so from the pulpit that day. 

We're looking forward to a good week of service and teaching.  We have some cool activities lined up and hopefully some good teaching appointments.  I appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers and I extend mine in return. 


Elder McMurray

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