Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Hey, everyone!

Well, this is it; the ending of one time and the beginning of another.  These past two years have been by turns epic, triumphant, tragic, and everything in between.  I'm forever grateful for your many prayers in our behalf.

One of our long-time investigators is finally set for November 20.  Even though I won't be there to physically see it, I'm grateful and happy for him and his wonderful family.  

God be with you all till we meet again and beyond.  I love God, I love this Gospel, and I love you all.

Take care,
Elder McMurray  

P.S.  Here is a collection of photos of my final area, Marshall, Minnesota.  Enjoy!

Departing Missionaries: Elders McMurray and Anderson

Dusk, just outside Marshall

Marshall Sunset

The Marshall Meetinghouse

The main street in Marshall

The outskirts of Granite Falls, Minnesota

More of Granite Falls

Elder Howell, our friends, Brother and Sister Baas, and me



With Elder Markert

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