Monday, August 17, 2015

August, Platte County

 I missed posting Elder McMurray's email last week, so here's a "two-fer":

10 August 2015

Hey, y'all!

Another week in Columbus.  We had some great team-ups and our investigators are slowly but surely progressing.  We're looking forward to another great week.  We hope y'all have one too!

Elder McMurray

17 August 2015

The idiom, "slow and steady wins the race" has become a mantra for my mission, especially this past week. Matt, a less-active recent convert in our area, has struggled to have a firm grasp on the duties of Church membership. Pride, lack of focus, and indecision have been dominating adversaries in his life. It's no coincidence that the Lord has put him in my path because I've had to wrestle hard against those particular demons. 

At first, our visits with Matt were fairly benign and not nearly as focused as they could've been; we struggled hard to know how to help him progress in the Gospel, but we didn't quite know what to do. This past week, I felt the Lord's quiet but firm rebuke regarding the situation: his focus is directly proportional to yours. He's a grown man, he's accountable; if you help him establish goals in faith, he'll recognize the need for repentance and the reminder that this is the truth. 

We followed accordingly; our teaching has become more focused and strong and he has responded in accord. He's reading and praying more regularly, he's on the hunt for a better job, and he's striving earnestly to kick his smoking habit. 

God may be a God of kindness and mercy, but He's also not a pushover and He's not pleased with lukewarm or half-hearted efforts to live His Gospel. Of course there are times when things just need to be shrugged off, but when the Spirit reminds you that you can do better, then be firm in your resolve, put your hand in the Savior's, and move forward with the help of His Grace and Truth. It's a lesson we all need.

Love y'all,
Elder McMurray

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