Monday, June 15, 2015

Doing What the Lord Commands

Nephi, the guy who invented going and doing what the Lord Commands

Hey, y'all!

A good week in Columbus marked by a renewed hope and sharper focus in teaching.  We had a great Zone Conference, which was also the Westons' last.  They will definitely be missed; they've done great work.  However, we're excited to see what the Gardners will bring to the table when they arrive in July.  

I'm reminded of the simple importance of something that Joseph Smith said: "When the Lord commands, do it."  When you commit to join the Church, give it all you've got.  Remember the feelings that you have when you're converted and go forward.  And if you make mistakes, so what?  This life is about building your heavenly home; don't expect exaltation all at once.  When you've given it your all, the Atonement provides the capstone for the house.

Have a great week.

Elder McMurray

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