Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy To Be Staying Put

Springtime in Nebraska
Hey, all!

Transfers have come and gone, and I'm staying with Elder Stoker in Eagle Run!

We're looking forward to continuing our efforts to "hasten the work" in this part of the vineyard, and we're grateful for the successes we're enjoying.  With the Lord's foundational help, I've participated in two convert baptisms in this area, a place that was long considered a "non-productive" and aimless area.  We are working to help a member in need find housing.  Judy, one of our recent converts, is an amazing lady!  And we have plenty of people to teach: one of them is coming to Church regularly!

So many of the things we worry about are just distractions that really don't matter.  As I focus on "the things that matter most," I feel like I'm becoming a new person.  I've come to realize that becoming new in Christ isn't about making us into something completely different: He takes all of our good qualities that already exist and expands them.

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