Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Defrosting. And Frosting Again

Reading the Scriptures as a family brings blessings!

Hey, y'all!

Well, after a snowed out Church, our recent convert was finally confirmed yesterday.  The Spirit has worked and is working through her day by day.  An investigator came to Church and another investigator who's being fellowshipped and housed by a member family is building a testimony of the power of prayer.  When we first taught it to her, she started praying with her little daughter.  They're praying regularly now and she's slowly but surely reading the Book of Mormon.

The snow melted and it got warm again, and now it's gonna get cold again this week...yeah.  Pics are coming soon!

Nebraska - One minute it's this.
And the next minute,  it's THIS:

Love y'all!  Have a great week!

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